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I'm putting together a list of things for a pet first aid kit, since mine needs to be updated and i wanted to put a smaller one together for the car/travel - i read through the first aid sticky and did some googling, but wanted to post here and get opinions on things and see if anyone else could add to it.

Also: i can't find the website i used to use for pet medications and dosages, does anyone have a master list of pet safe human medications and the dosages? I want to print and laminate information for the stuff i keep on hand in case my parents (who look after the dog/s for me on occasion) need it. I'm also going to laminate dog info, vet info, emergency numbers, etc.

Is there such a thing as a mini flip book for basic first aid?

Anyway, here's what i came up with so far for the Main Kit:

Dog Info (Name, Breed, Weight, DOB, any underlying medical issues)
Vaccine Records, Vet Name and #, Emergency Vet #, Poison Control #
Antibiotic Ointment, Neosporin
Gauze Rolls, Pads, and Non-Stick Pads
Blunt Scissors
Medical Tape
Disposable Gloves
Emergency Blanket
Collapsible Bowls
Slip Leash
Poo Bags
QTips and Cotton Balls
Quick Stop
Tweezers and Hemostat
Cold Pack
Magnifying Glass
Eye and Ear Rinses
Tick Remover and Flea Comb
Syringes (Large and Small)
Bandages and Vet Wrap
Small Battery Clipper
Gas X
Pepto, Kaopectate, Immodium (??)

Car Kit:
Dog and Vet Info
Collapsible bowls
Magnifying Glass
Slip Leash
Emergency Blanket
Gauze Rolls, Pads, and Non-Stick Bandages
Vet Wrap
Eye/Ear Rinse

I figure the car kit doesn't need to be as stocked. If anyone wants to add to either list, or tell me if i don't need something, input if very much welcome!

I have a tackle box that i got for $10 from Walmart that i'm putting the main stuff in, and a smaller pouc h for the car kit. Both will be labelled appropriately.
This is fantastic! I plan to get out hiking with Felix this year, so this is a helpful list to start with. For that reason, I agree That I’d want a soft pouch (makeup bag?) for my daypack, and I have a bias to topical chlorhexidine over betadine as a wound cleanser. I’m going to think on this some more, thanks for starting this thread!
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