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Pet contest....would you all be so kind

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Hi there.

I entered my pet in a pet photo contest. The winner gets to donate the prize money to the charity of their choice, and I know a dog rescue that could really use it. (we want them to stay open and not shut their doors)

Anyways if you aren't already entered in this contest would you be so kind to vote for my girl voting doesn't start until the 8th but I will come back to remind.

I didn't enter my poodle but my other dog. Its all in fun really but if she did win then I know a shelter that would be really happy.



Oh and what do you think her chances are? (probably not too good we didn't even place last year)

Do you think this is a legit contest? I would think it is being that its Bissell.
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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