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Has anyone else heard of this airline exclusively for pets?!
Sounds amazing!... I just wish they would let the owners aboard as well.
On our most recent flight aboard American Airlines, Snoops who is usually very good about flying, got extremely nervous. I took him out of his carrier to calm him and his shaking. The flight attendant came by and told me "oh he's ok... It's uhhh.. Normal". I told her it wasn't and I would feel more comfortable calming him down then putting him back in his carrier. I've never had anyone -staff or passengers complain of Snoops. In fact, I always have passengers who want to pet him, and commend him for being so good on flights. Anyway, the flight attendant got very confrontational. She then stormed off and was talking loud, relaying the story to her colleague... I heard her refer to me as "she is so stupid!!!"

I definitely got her name and will be reporting this to the airline... Clearly she has zero compassion and a heart made of coal. Pets have feelings too... Something she is obviously not very in tune with...
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