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Perry and I

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Since Perry and I do not have any pictures together on my computer I decided to make one.


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I'm glad that everyone enjoyed my picture! There will be more to come. I know that you cannot tell but it took quite awhile to complete! It may have taken longer than normal due to:
S: "What are you doing?!"
Me: "Hold on and I will show you."
S: "Just show me now. Let me see!"
Me: "Just wait until I am done!"
S: "Fine..."
Me: "OK! Finished! Look!" (This of course was followed by a few seconds of waiting as she finished doing whatever it was that she was doing on her computer. Even though she could not wait 30 seconds longer for me to finish before complaining about looking "now".
S: "The eyes are creepy!"
Me: "OK. Fine (spent 2 minutes changing the eyes). How about now?"
S: "Still creepy!"
Me: "What...(another 2 minutes spent changing the eyes)?"
Me: "I don't care! They can stay like that!"

And so the eyes stayed and this was the finished product. As you can tell we are very supportive of one another and make sure to take the feelings of the other into consideration before we speak.
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