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If you already have a regular dremel then don't waste your money on a pedipaws or pedicure. Actualy don't waste your money on a pedipaws AT ALL, if you're going to get one get the pedicure version. It is much better. I've used both in the salon. I have a pedicure at home and at work and clients are always bringin the pedipaws and wanting me to use them which I now refuse to do, I use mine instead. The pedicure is rechargeable and the charge last longer (in my experience so far) than the pedipaws which is battery powered. I do really like the guard around the grinding stone, it's helpful but again the pedicure bests the pedipaws in that area as well. The pedicure has a gaurd with various sized holes in it, you rotate it and select the hole size that best suits the dog you're working on. The holes on the pedicure or perfectly round, which is great. The single hole in the guard on the pedipaw is round with an oval is shape at the top of it. It's been my experience that this shape causes the nail to be fulled up into the gaurd and get stuck between the gaurd and the grinding stone. It's kind of a pain in the @$$.
But like I said before if you already have a deremel then purchasing either other these tools is a complete waste unless you need to replace your dremel. The are exactly the same thing as the dremel with the addition of a little cup/gaurd over the grinding stone. It doesn't hold all the filings either, they fall out of the hole as you work. The only reason I use the pedicure in the salon is that with the gaurd on it you wont catch any of the dog's fur (for dogs that dont have clean feet- not applicable to most poodle), in the grinding stone and hurt the dog. Thats pretty useful. The grinders are pretty quiet but if you have a dog who doesn't like to have the nails filed he still isn't going to like the pedicure. For that matter if you have a dog who doesn't like his nails done 9 out of 10 times he won't do any better for grinding.
I think what I have is a Peticure
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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