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is sponsoring a research study into the Standard Poodle immune system

in conjunction with

Dr. Lorna Kennedy
Centre for Integrated Genomic Medical Research (CIGMR)
University of Manchester, UK

(but we'll take others too)

The late Dr. Armstrong's research into the Standard Poodle told us WHAT was happening: that Standard Poodles as a breed were subject to inbreeding depression. Dr. Kennedy is trying to learn WHY and HOW that happens by studying the immune system. This study is NOT trying to find a specific disease, but is instead looking at how much damage has been done to the Standard Poodle immune system and whether the missing parts still exist within the breed. Dr. Kennedy has access to DNA samples collected for research into a number of diseases, from both affected dogs and close relatives, but in order to look at the second part of her study (finding the missing parts) she needs Standard Poodles with robust health.

Group # 1 Criteria:
No allergies, skin sensitivities, chronic yeast or fungal ear infections.
Dogs which thrive on their food and do not have trouble changing diets.
Dogs which have produced 8 puppies in a litter or more.
Dogs which do not react to vaccines.
Preferably dogs which are 5 years or older.
Especially dogs who do not get infections when others do or recover and heal quickly.

Group # 2 Criteria: (calculations based on the 2010 edition of the Standard Poodle Database, 10 generation pedigree, over 96% complete; the criteria below were used to select 4 groups of samples from what was already available to Dr. Kennedy. The Health Officer will assist interested owners)
a.% Wycliffe above 30 and estimated % Wycliffe above 50
b.% Wycliffe below 12 and estimated % Wycliffe above 30
c.Number Unique Ancestors above 600 and number in common below 100
d.COI below 6.25%, and no Relationship Coefficient above 10%

Group # 3 (unusual pedigrees) We are looking for Standard Poodles with all or most of one side of their pedigree which does not contain popular sires or which can be traced back to bloodlines which no longer exist or predate the breed's genetic bottleneck. The Health Officer has already identified a number of such pedigrees, but would be very pleased to find more. Brown, silver or apricot bloodlines are of particular interest.

While preference will be given to dogs which meet the above criteria, any Standard Poodle owner/breeder who wishes to participate is welcome.

If you have a Standard Poodle and are willing to pay the $65.00(CDN) cost of kit and lab processing, please contact the PCC Health Officer <[email protected]>

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No, any standard poodle can participate But the dog must be entered in the Poodle Club of Canada's Health Survey first, and you have to pay $65.
If you're interested in what it's about, there is an article in the most recent Poodle Club of Canada newsletter, page 18. That explains it better than I can!
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