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This was a "fast catch" this evening as Patch doesn't sit still long..it takes a death hug from Hayley to keep him still He is going to be a grooming nightmare, but he's a pleasant addition to our family. I've had to take his top notch off due to cockleburrs and his "farm living" until coming to us. She showed me pics of him groomed and in an ad campaign...he was gorgeous, but I doubt my abilities to get him back there! I did have his face closer about two week ago, but it grows so FAST!

I know he looks awful, but underneath he has good bones, structure, and that wonderful poodle personality! He is roughly 16 months old and ACK registered. What do you think? He's my first standard poodle!
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They were having a great time....I've never seen such a kid friendly dog before in my life!

I just have to get him "under control" grooming wise...he's too pretty to look that bad!

Here is another photo after he had "chilled out". He's such a sweetheart...we call him "dumbledorf" because when he runs he just looks so awkward!

I can't wait for his top notch to grow back out....that is what I'm missing the most right now.
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