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Paris' bath

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Well I realised Paris' last bath was 5 weeks ago...

(note I have put a bit of paper by her to compare her colour to a true white colour, showing she's clearly creamy)

Though I have kept her brushed out obviously, though she hasn't had a full brushing for about 2 weeks, so we started with that.

Then I thought I'd try out a shampoo I found in with my horse gear that I'd forgotten about. I rarely ever give Ed a bath (except this last weekend, I don't expect to bath him again till this next year! lol) so I took it to work and tried it out on Paris. It is a strong purple shampoo, so I diluted it (roughly 1:10, it doesn't have a dilution ratio on the bottle, I just poured a bit into a separate bottle and added water!) soaped her up ("ooo, pretty purple poodle") and rinsed her right down (the bottle does suggest leaving it for a few mins, but the depth of colour on her made me hesitant to leave it!)

Rinsed down, lots. I'm looking at her, and I'm sure she's still purple. I rinse some more, nope, still purplish. Ok, so I start drying her to see if it'll lighten when dry, I get her leg and side dry before I give up and re-bath her with a normal shampoo to try strip some of the purple out!

lol, I know it's not tooo bad, but in person it was quite clearly noticeable that she had that old lady/blue rinse thing going on!! lol! Also because it had faded down so much, it almost looked a dirty blue/grey colour too, it just wasn't pretty!
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Another bath, another dry, and finally she's clean!
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tie up her topknot, shave her face, and she's looking gooood again.

I can't believe I left it 5 weeks to bring back her FLUFF! lol! though she still has the faintest hints of purple through her too....

Check out the neck hair she's sporting now though:

and that's without trying at all! :)
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Paris is still goofy though......

well maybe just really tired going by all the yawns! But she doesn't have to look so goofy when she yawns! LOL!
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Aww what a sweet heart. Thats so weird the horse shampoo dyed her like that...i have a horse too and know what stuff your talking about. its good to know i does that lol.
oh I have tried other horse shampoo without a problem, and I have other deep purple dog shampoo as well, just this paticular brand seems strong. It's also old so perhaps that made a difference....? lol!

I am actually now rather tempted to put it on her straight/undiluted and let it sit and stain her for a while so she IS a purple poodle without having to dye her... haha! One day, after my exam perhaps...
Lol, I can definitely see her purple tinge!
Too funny!
And the contrast between the cream/white is amazing

I'll have to come and see her all fluffy now :)
Wow! She sure lightened up! Gosh Paris is one of my absolute favorite poodle girls <3 I can't get enough of her.

When you dry her, do you use a force dryer? I never get the spoo clients at my work, and none of the toys have long coats so I never get to know how to do it.
She is such a lovely girl!! I love the one where she appears to be smiling.
Great Story ! HA HA ! A purple poo I bet you about freaked. Anyway alls well that ends well she looks marvelous. I love the smiley pic what a character..
yeah I just force dry her, I can't be bothered fluff drying usually, though I do for a competition etc!
Awesome pictures and and entertaining story to boot! Perfect for my after lunch coffee break!! Thanks for sharing, she's absolutely darling!!
Oh she is so pretty and WHITE when you finished with her! It's so funny that the horse shampoo turned her purple! LOL I love the face shot, with her purple ears and hair falling in her eyes :) Too funny!
Is she a noisy yawner?? My Lucybug yawns so enthusiastically, you can hear it 2 rooms away!! :lol: She's teaching my other dogs to do it too - I've never heard Hannah make noise when she's yawned before (and I've had her over 7 years!) but lately she's been doing the noisy yawn!! Paris is adorable!! Now I'm inspired to give Lucy a nice bath/dry and FFT clip soon!!
She looked smoke stained! Lol. I guess 5 weeks no bath on white hmmm - poodles are definite dust magnets.
LOL I chuckled over the colour! She's looking great!
LOL... she is definitely purplish...lol, but lovely just the same. She is such a beautiful girl, I love her looks! And soooooo fluffy. :)
Ha, ha! I loved it!! She looked cool with purple hair. I wonder what Purple Poodle will think of that! LOL I love her clip.
She is just to sweet. Love her coat it is perfect
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