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pack leader?

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I am doing as instructed, but it only works for a short period time. I have to do it again and again. I am going to comb and brush him every day until he gets used to me doing it and he quits trying to bite me for it.

I don't think he an aggressive dog. He is sweet as he can be, he just don't like his hair combed/brushed.

Does it usually take several times for this to work?


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With most dogs, repetition and consistency is the key. Doing things for short spurts won't be as effective as say doing the same thing everyday for 5-10 minutes day.

It can take hundred of repetitions for a dog to learn a trick or habit, some dogs more, some less. Just keep at it and be consistent. I hope he picks up that brushing is a good thing and that there is no need to bite. It's more than likely a defensive bite out of fear, you need to desensitize him to brushing. Maybe giving him treats while you brush so he associates brushing with something good? Don't forget lots of praise when he behaves!
That sounds like great advice. I will do that. Debby
When training my dogs to bathe and to be blow dried and brushed on the table, I always give treats during the process to let them know when they are doing what is expected. It is always a bit of a struggle at first but usually after a four to six weeks, they realize that it is not a bad thing and all goes well for them and for me.

Today, at nearly a year old, Billy comes out of his bath and runs into the kitchen to jump up on the table all by himself. He lays down and waits for the dryer to start and when it is time, he lays over on his side and picks up his legs so I can blow dry him there and then puts his head up for me to flow dry his top knot. I love it and he seems to as well. Mind you, he didn't want anything to do with this the first time I groomed him at three months of age.

That is so cute! Right-it needs to be a pleasant experience for them as they are learning to be groomed. I started by singing the same song to my Levi as I brushed him and praising him the whole time...now he really does like being brushed....and it is much easier to control them if they are up on a table (and easier on your back!)
wow How often do you groom Billy?? That is amazing to me!

I've bathed my mini, Cozi, probably 4 times in the 6 weeks we have had her and she went to the groomer once. She is definitely getting better about the blowdrying and brushing. I now keep a treat or a kong toy for her to occupy herself with while I am blow drying (on my lap, or the floor since I don't have a table) and it works really well so far.
Wow what great tips. Thanks all of you. what great video. Debby

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It took months with Moose.

And then months longer to establish the same thing outdoors.

The hardest part for me is keeping up with it outdoors. He has a VERY STRONG drive outdoors for smelling out and following/hunting other animals and birds, and depending on his mood he listens AWESOME and other times he disappears for a while... This is where the training collar for hunting dogs come into play, it's helped me develop him more outdoors, and he will listen and he knows go get`m, and right and left, and he points, etc. No way I could have done any of that w/out a remote trainer in the time that I did. Just wearing the collar is really all that's needed after the initial shock which btw is on low I've tested it on myself they do not need it on high or even medium (different discussion elsewhere).

Anyway, keep it up!!
What is this collar you speak of? Debby

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Petsafe Yard & Park Trainer

Petsafe Yard & Park Trainer

Setting 2, and have used it less than 5 times and we've owned it 6 months or more now I believe.

Moose knows to go outside he needs his collar and does not mind putting it on. He knows with it on we are in full control outside.. this wears off in about 1-2 months and he may need a lil jolt to be reminded who's in charge.

I've run it up to setting 4 on myself and unless I have it tight against a nerve it doesn't cause me to flinch, if I have it tight on my arm nerve I flinch and drop the control out of my hand, hehe, def. not painful though.

Be sure you only leave the collar on for a short period they are not meant to be worn all the time, and eventually they will know w/out collar they need to listen to you outside.

We just had to re-order a control because we lost ours about 2 months ago and Moose is starting to run off on his own now.

Combine this collar trainer + treats and keep up on it and he will listen to you all the time! Be sure to follow instructions it really works well.

If you don't let your dog run free then this may not even be a concern for you...
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That was a great video...lots of patience and shaping the desired behaviors....good job.
We have used a remote collar such as you speak of, with our German Shepherd...we use it when she is learning something new if needed. Now she wears one as a precaution with the pup (who weighs 9 lbs versus her 67 lbs.) and a 30ft leash as well. She is an alpha female who can go from zero to 100 in a matter of seconds and we started using this when she was about 8 mos. It must be used on a lower setting and pushed before great excitement starts or it will not work.
Oh dear that is beyond my affordability. Sounds good though.
we asked breeder about groomer and they said a table is your best friend. A grooming table will help so much. We don't have a grooming table yet ( funds) and enzo is so hard to groom but we have trained him to be still. We put him on a grooming table at my sisters job and its like night and day ! He stays because he can see that he can fall off lol its not like the ground in where they can run away.
I don't have a grooming table either, but putting him on the table verses my lap made all the difference in the world. plus the treats and "good boys" So maybe we are making headway here. Debby

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I don't have a grooming table either, but putting him on the table verses my lap made all the difference in the world. plus the treats and "good boys" So maybe we are making headway here. Debby

It sounds like your doing everything right it just takes patience. Enzo likes water so he jumps right in the tub but standing to be trimmed he gets impatient and wants to lay down lol
Beau doesn't mind the bath. He gives me very little trouble there. I was surprised by this. I am giving him weekly baths so he will get used to it. I can see such a difference in him since all y'alls suggestions. Debby
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