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that is; Purple Paris Poodle

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LOL! That last picture looks like Paris feels betrayed. Like he's asking, "Why did you do this to me, and why are you laughing?" I love how the purple fades as it works its way up his legs. His coat is amazing!
OMG WOW!! :)
That's totally breathtaking- she looks AMAZING! I LOVE the purple, it's so rich and gorgeous. What an awesome way to color her legs too. For real, I'm just in love with this. Ahhhhh I can't even properly express how much I love this. <3
(in fact, I'm pretty sure I have drawn a picture with a dog who is colored just like that LOL!)
that is; Purple Paris Poodle
OR... Paris PLUM Poodle!!!! :lol:

She is FABULOUS!!! :) Thanks for sharing pictures of this special girl! Give her a hug from North Dakota!! :hug:
Her ears are so pretty and fluffy. Purple is my favorite color :D
Wow! I'm not always a fan of dyed poodles, but Paris so suits this. Way to go, looks fantastic!
I love it!
Beautiful!! Love the purple on her, looks like she does too.
Paris is purple!!!!!! Woohoo!!! :D :laugh: :dance: :love:

I love it! I especially like the fading up the legs. It's awesome!!!
If I lived near you, I would be bringing Dana in ASAP to get the same!

Okay, I have to ask, how did you make it fade like that? It's awesome!
That is awesome! I can't get over how vibrant the purple is! ...Off to dream about my own technicolor/ white poodle.
1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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