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And we have made some.

Ruby's last day of escape was Tuesday. We have made some gains, small as they may be they are still gains. I started making her sit when the door is going to be opened, and as usual she has to wait until I allow her to come outside, she is getting better at that and so am I, but I admit that first thing in the morning, I don't care I just want to get her out and go back to bed, I am getting better at making her sit and wait though in the morning. She will USUALLY sit on command now steadily but sometimes she will just look at me with the weirdest look as if to say "you want me to do what?" but if I take a step towards her she will sit (which makes me think she fears getting hit, But I haven't ever hit her nor would I) ..I open the door and let me daughter and I out first than allow her to come out when invited. It seems to be working well as I can see small changes in her.

As far as her walking ahead of me, that is also being worked on, and she is doing quite well with it. She will forget and stray sometimes, but I just pull her back to my right side and say come and she will usually. I must admit that the walks are quite enjoyable without her pulling.

When out at the school yard or in our yard she is tethered to a long light lead, she still has lots of length to roam, run and play fetch, but its controlled and when I call her to come she does pretty well but still needs to be reeled in several times in 30 mins or so.

She has started barking at passerby's but Quincy also does this so I expect she has learned it from him. So I am working on getting both to stop this. Horses seem to the the worst for both of them (i live in a large mennonite community) they pass by so often but I guess the dogs see them as BIGGER dogs and possible playmates.

All in all things are going well, we are making progress much faster than I had thought we would and I am very encouraged that one day she will be fully trustable off her leash. Not any time soon of course but maybe one day!!
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