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Our first "creative grooming" experiment

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I promised hubby to keep things subtle should I do anything creative with Jazz's coat. I sent his a text message on Friday from work to tell him that he would simply love Jazz's new cut and color. He was less than happy no doubt picturing a rainbow colored poodle waiting for him at home.

This is what I actualy did

It wasn't easy at all, but I like the effect. If you're intersted it was done with crayola side walk chalk dipped in water. It is non toxic and comes out in one, possibly two washes. I researched a couple of methods and wanted something that would be safe and easy to remove in case it looked awful. I'm aware some people aren't into the creative thing but to each his own. I don't mind a little color now and again. She isn't likely to be clipped into any crazy shape or animal or anything, (except maybe a ponydoodle I LOVE that webpage lol). I really don't have the time for that sort of thing right now though.

I took Jazz to the dog park afterwards and got a lot of interest in her and was able to pass out a bunch of bussiness cards that I just happened to have handy, after explaining that it wasn't a service my salon was able to offer of course :)
Jazz also showed how well she is picking up on her obedience training and generated some interest in the obedience class that the kennel club here offers which is good. The more people we can get into the class the more we can educate the general public in our area. Yay for Jazz being a good citizen.

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Jazz's ears were blue earlier in the day, because we tried to do just the tips of the ear and that didn't work out so well. Thankfuly I tried the color before her bath so it was no big deal to get most of the blue out, although it did leave just a tad in. After she was dry we got the idea to do a stripe.
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