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The boyz and I had a great weekend..Our goals/hopes for the weekend..Get Robbie's last Excellent FAST leg and keep him in the ring and working well(get weaves).. Cedar hopefully get some legs in any class..Flyer first time out see how he does have some fun in the ring..


Excellent FAST-Robbie and Cedar did okay but didn't get the send so no Q's

Open Standard-Robbie had a nice run but no Q.. Cedar Q 2nd place score 95.

Open Jumpers-Cedar Q 2nd place score 100

Excellent Jumpers-Robbie a decent run but no Q (first time in Excellent jumpers)

Novice Jumpers-Flyer Q 1st place score 90 (first time ever in the ring)..


Exellent FAST-Robbie and Cedar again no Q's..kind of ugly runs..LOL

Open Standard-Robbie decent run but no Q..Cedar Q score 90 1st place..

Open Jumpers-Cedar no Q darn off course tunnel

Excellent Jumpers..Robbie had a great run but popped out of the weaves

Novice Jumpers-Flyer Q 2nd place score 100


Exellent FAST-Robbie--TITLE..Q needed a score of 60 and he had 70 in 7 seconds under course time..Cedar no Q

Open Standard-Robbie and Cedar no Q's ..Robbie's sniffiest run..Cedar was also scatter brain..the end was the dog walk to a tunnel..the tunnel entry was almost right in front of the dog walk and both dogs chose the other entry that they had to turn to get..sheeesh

Open Jumpers-Cedar--TITLE..Q score 95 1st place

Excellent Jumpers-Robbie stayed with me but too many errors..

Novice Jumpers-Flyer-last class of the day and mom sent him to an off course jump..ooops but otherwise a nice run

They had a weird judging schedule..one judge was judging all of the excellent jumpers and standard all weekend and the other judge was doing the novice and and open classes..so even if Flyer had gotten the last Q he couldn't have titled all 3 days the all 3 jumpers classes were at the end Excellent in one ring and Novice and Open in the other..I never knew which one was going to run first..in fact today I had both Robbie and Cedar at the gate waiting to see which ring would get to us first..Cedar ran 1st in open and 4 dogs later I was running Robbie in Excellent..I was a busy girl..LOL

All in all I was very happy with the boyz..Robbie worked well for me all weekend he was getting his weave entries on the first try in many of his classes (weaves have always been his bug a boo) and he didn't run out of the ring..Cedar is a pretty steady boy but can sometimes start running wide and a little wild..Flyer was a little worried in all of the commotion of waiting to go in the ring but once in the ring he really turned it on

I have some videos once I can get them uploaded.
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