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Other than Poodles...

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What is your second favorite dog breed?

I'm going to have to go with the Siberian Husky, I love
wolves and they somewhat resemble them, lost of energy,
big working dogs, love em'!

What's yours? :tongue:
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Doberman hands down!! I have owned one for the last 28 years and I absolutely love their attitude, love, intelligence, intense personality, calmness, sleek body and color. Black & Rust is my favorite color. The girl I have now, Jade, will most likely be my last one. I am sure I could not replace this girl, ever, and don't want to think about trying when the time comes.

Poodles I have found are great and I love them as much as my Dobies. I have found them to be calming, believe it or not...lol. There is something about them that is relaxing. I have my seven month old fixed toy male, six month old silver girl and 4 1/2 month old brown girl and they can all be in the living room with me and I don't have to be constantly getting up correcting them. I have had two Dobe pups at one time many years ago and it was wild, mostly because of their protective attitude, and two together egged each other on if someone came, and also their puppy chewing habits which could get them in lots of trouble. I do have to get up and correct my poos occasionally, but very, very seldom. They seldom pick up anything that it not their toys and if they do, all I have to do is say their name and they drop it and I pick it up. I would NOT trust them loose alone in the house for any length of time at their tender age (well, Jester, the toy can be left loose all night without getting into any trouble at all) but you would never guess I had three poo puppies and an adult Dobe in the house when you visited.

Here are pics of my current Dobe girl, Jade. She is an absolute love, loves to play fetch, loves to snuggle, loves to go horse back riding and loves children immensely.

Jade & Poos playing

Jade a couple years ago
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Thank you all for your nice compliments on Jade. Yes, I think she is beautiful too, that is a bonus to her personality, which is WONDERFUL!! Thanks again. :)
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