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Other than Poodles...

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What is your second favorite dog breed?

I'm going to have to go with the Siberian Husky, I love
wolves and they somewhat resemble them, lost of energy,
big working dogs, love em'!

What's yours? :tongue:
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My other dog is one and they are the sweetest, most snuggly dogs in all the world!
I kinda have to agree with that. I don't currently own a poodle, but I love the breed. I do have a Maltese now. I adore him and will definately own another in the future. I also have a Rottweiler and he never fail to amaze me. He is so focused and intelligent. I love so many breeds it would be hard to list them. I'm a big fan of most of the toy group, at least the fuzzy ones, lol. I also love a lot of the working group and terrier group and.... You get the idea.
Ummm PBGV's b/c I love to say that "word" and they are really cute
I love PBGVs, name and all! They are sooo cute and I will own one someday.

Mercy, my Rottie is named Harley!
Harley chic, I love the PBGV's also. They are so cute! I first saw one on a dog show on TV and fell in love with the look. And I read that they have great personalities also. Never seen one in person though.
That's where I first saw them too! I've never seen one in person either and I figure it would be hard to find a breeder. I wonder why they don't seem to be that popular?
1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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