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Other breeds?

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Of course poodles are the best breed in the world, and no others compare! ;) Does anyone else have a list of "someday" breeds like me? I will always have a poodle, but i would like other breeds in the future too. They could even be a breed that you love, but know you could never own for some reason.

Here are mine.

Doberman - Always have wanted one, and it will be my "next" dog breed

Dogo Argentino - Again, have always loved the breed, and i hope someday i will be able to own one

Belgian - No sure which varitey yet though.

Irish Wolfhound - Have fallen in love with the breed after meeting some very nice boys.

Vizsla - I have a friend who has them, and i just love them.

I have lots of other breeds i like/love, but these are the ones i Plan on having someday (and think i could actually Live with!).
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I've already had so many different dogs, I've narrowed down my list considerably. I have a black lab-will never have another one, even though I dearly love the one I have. The hair 24/7 is an absolute nightmare! I also have a boxer, whom I dearly love. We've tried rescuing 2 other boxers, but their mental damage was too much for us to overcome and we had to return them. Boxers are very high maintenance and require LOTS of exercise and attention. Again, I dearly love our boxer-he's one in a million, I think, but I don't know if I'll risk having another one.

I might consider a Boston terrier in the future. I hear retired greyhounds are great couch potatoes, but don't do well with children. Since my daughter will probably having children in the next couple of years, I want a child friendly dog.
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