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Other breeds?

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Of course poodles are the best breed in the world, and no others compare! ;) Does anyone else have a list of "someday" breeds like me? I will always have a poodle, but i would like other breeds in the future too. They could even be a breed that you love, but know you could never own for some reason.

Here are mine.

Doberman - Always have wanted one, and it will be my "next" dog breed

Dogo Argentino - Again, have always loved the breed, and i hope someday i will be able to own one

Belgian - No sure which varitey yet though.

Irish Wolfhound - Have fallen in love with the breed after meeting some very nice boys.

Vizsla - I have a friend who has them, and i just love them.

I have lots of other breeds i like/love, but these are the ones i Plan on having someday (and think i could actually Live with!).
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Right now we have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and our mini Poodle.

I LOVE Corgi's! We've had 2 of them, they are great little (well sorta) dogs. Just remember they are herders so nipping could be an issue, though I've never had a problem at all. Our dream pup is a Wolfhound, which we're on a list for actually. I can't wait! We should have had one last year but they had 9 females and not one male! lol

Borzoi are awesome, laid back and beautiful. I worked with a lady who had 2 of them and a Whippet. She just said be careful because they are sight hounds.

I think if I could have anything else (price and fur aside) I'd take an Alaskan Klee Kai.
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