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Other breeds?

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Of course poodles are the best breed in the world, and no others compare! ;) Does anyone else have a list of "someday" breeds like me? I will always have a poodle, but i would like other breeds in the future too. They could even be a breed that you love, but know you could never own for some reason.

Here are mine.

Doberman - Always have wanted one, and it will be my "next" dog breed

Dogo Argentino - Again, have always loved the breed, and i hope someday i will be able to own one

Belgian - No sure which varitey yet though.

Irish Wolfhound - Have fallen in love with the breed after meeting some very nice boys.

Vizsla - I have a friend who has them, and i just love them.

I have lots of other breeds i like/love, but these are the ones i Plan on having someday (and think i could actually Live with!).
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I will always have a Standard Poodle lol, and a Dobermann too.

But the breeds I would someday like to have are:

Pharaoh Hound (My mother said we had one when I was 5, but he was too much)

Rough Collie -These are so beautiful, and this was our first dog (she died when I was 7ish)

Afghan Hound -I love these, they look so cool in a shorter clip. I like the tri-colourish ones with the Apricoty orange or a black and tan

Giant Schnauzer -A pure black one, they are so cool

Belgian Shepherd -Tervueren

A blue great dane

I tend to like bigger dogs, that don't weigh heaps (not sure how much great danes weigh lol)
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but choose the spoo b/c they're smaller and their temperments seem more compatible w/ multipet households.
Speaking of multipet house hold, we realised the other day, with the 4 cats and the 4 dogs, that they all get along fine, and we don't have any issues between them lol

Does anyone else have any problems with their menagerie?
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