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Other breeds?

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Of course poodles are the best breed in the world, and no others compare! ;) Does anyone else have a list of "someday" breeds like me? I will always have a poodle, but i would like other breeds in the future too. They could even be a breed that you love, but know you could never own for some reason.

Here are mine.

Doberman - Always have wanted one, and it will be my "next" dog breed

Dogo Argentino - Again, have always loved the breed, and i hope someday i will be able to own one

Belgian - No sure which varitey yet though.

Irish Wolfhound - Have fallen in love with the breed after meeting some very nice boys.

Vizsla - I have a friend who has them, and i just love them.

I have lots of other breeds i like/love, but these are the ones i Plan on having someday (and think i could actually Live with!).
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I love

American pit bull terriers/amstaffs ( show and working types)
GSD ( DDR/Czech/ east german only )
Cane corsos
American bulldogs

A lot of mastiff and bulldog breeds lol
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Its always been my dream to own/show a Rottweiler. I have loved the breed since I was little, my invisible friends when I was 10 were my two Rottweilers named Buster and Bell. :cute:

Pomeranian's are also a breed I would love to own. I really like grooming them :D
rottweilers are great I owned one for a few years before she passed due to old age. I been around her for over 14 years
My first training dog was a Rottie named Helga, I LOVED that dog. I have loved every one I have ever met. I have no looked at Rottie breeders in years but my fav has always been Sam Houston Rottweilers. Mel is just stunning to me as is Bully.
OMG I so forgot about mel. I used to adore him in dog USA ads lol She has nice dogs. I was looking for rottie breeders and I was not impressed with a lot of kennels. Maybe if I am serious about getting one I can get one from her or a working line. I want to show of course :D
I believe the Barbet was used in the development of the Poodle no?
Yes , Briards , and a few other breeds.
1 - 4 of 41 Posts
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