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Optigen Testing from the uk

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Well the time has come when I need to get my girl tested, has anyone sent blood over to Optigen from the uk if so how did you sendi.e with whom?
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I think this test is now done with a cheek swab which is a lot easier to transport. Anyone?
+I have heard of this company it is WAAY cheaper So I am excited to hear as well...
I can do a swab test which is so much better than getting bloods done.

I'm having her tested because I will be breeding her end of this year/ next year so I want to make sure she's notcarrying anything.
Well I finally got round to sorting this out, and decided to go with the blood test as I didn't want them saying the swab wasn't any good.

I should find out in 2 weeks what the result is.
I got my results back and Eby is Clear/Normal
Isn't it a wonderful feeling to know the results are good? Gongrats!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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