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I don't find the spay/neuter rule to be odd. My mom can't board her intact male show dog, and has been told it's actually for his own safety. Evidently the neutered males will gang up on the intact one and hurt him. (Makes sense. I knew a horse once that was attacked by the others for this same reason.)

I also understand the breed ban. I don't necessarily agree - as I knew a wonderful pitt who was sweeter than any dog I've ever met - but I understand. Denver is among the cities that bans them and will seize any dog they think to be a pitt. Somewhat stupid... but considering what terrible people have done to the image of the breed... somewhat expected.

The dog parks I have been to just state that you have to pick up after yourself and your dog, as well as to not bring your dog if it is unfriendly... minus the fact that a mean rottie kept coming after my dogs. So evidently people can't read. (I would much prefer a rule keeping out bratty children. Can't tell you how many times I have gotten on to kids that aren't mine for kicking or hitting my dogs.)

I don't find the new posted rules out of line... to be honest. Personally, I think that if your dog is simply a pet... it would be a smart decision to get them fixed. What we don't need are more dogs and cats in the world with no home, and no matter how responsible people are... accidents happen. This isn't directed at anyone, just my general opinion.
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