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I personally know how difficult it is to choose my favorite pics in this contest and haven't voted myself... but hey, we need votes. Badly.

PF is only one of two dog forums that run monthly photo contests, the other is the Golden Retriever Forum which you can see here.

What we have is a nice addition that gives this forum sparkle, and something to take pride in for the members who share their favorite photos in a contest. Do please come out and vote for your favorites. The nice thing is there is multiple voting! This means if you like more than one in a category, you can vote for those too.

Last day to vote is Sunday around 6:30 pm East Coast Time, or 3:30 pm West Coast Time. The closing time in your area is in small print on the horizontal bar above the poll.

Good luck candidates! And thank you, voters!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts