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One of these days she is going to kill me

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I had some workmen come today and do some work. When I hadn't see Roo for a while it occured to me that the men have been in and out and I wondered if maybe they accidently let her out. She was nowhere to be found, wouldn't come when I called her. I was freaking out, my other dog was here so I didn't think she would get far by herslf but we walked teh neighbourhood anyway, with no luck. I was getting ready to call the humane society and teh dog catcher when I hear my 6 year old yell for me to "come here"...went to see what she wanted and lo and behold there was Roo, sleeping away in this:

She was way down in the bag and all you could see was teh very top of her head. I moved teh blanket and woke her up...the older sister of the baby that this belongs to was so mad to see a puppy in there, she chased her out pretty quickly. Roo was not happy about waking up. With all the hyjinks this pup gives me I may not live to see my next birthday lol.
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We had that happen us once years ago when we were camping. We thought the puppy must have gotten lost in the woods because it was right with us and then gone. (We were on a friend's land to camp and fish). Well after searching and calling - finally a tiny black head appears from under a small building that was up on blocks...she had crawled under there and slept for the hours that we were frantic. WOW was that a relief (and it never happened again).
Your puppy just looks adorable! You had to smile when you found her. :)
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