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One Jump Exercises

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I have been MIA, busy with work and the nice weather and all.

My trainer sent me home with a jump to work with Flip between classes...does anyone have any suggestes/websites, etc that have ideas for work we can do with just one jump?

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ohhhhhhhhhhh lots of stuff..

we do a one jump exercise that works on getting the dog to jump independently and eventually translates into an out..(I'm at work not so can't go into more detail but will this evening)..can work on sit stays and releases behind the jump..work straight on and at angles..if you've started the rear cross ground work can work on rear cross at the jump..can work on "go" ..sending your dog ahead of you at the jump..and I'm sure there is some other stuff I can't think of right now.

There is a one jump DVD..I believe by Susan Garrett..you might also look at her site.
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