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Okay, what are we doing 'wrong?'

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When Bella comes back from the groomer she's all super fluffy, not curly. When we bath her we brush/comb/dry (with a regular hair dryer) until she's completely dry. She's more curly then.

What do you think the difference is?
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They probably use a much more powerful dryer at a grooming salon. My hair dryer doesn't get Desmond's fur completely straight either, but I am sure a stronger dryer would. Spending a lot of time brushing it out while blowing the hot air does get it pretty straight though, and will re-straighten mostly when I comb it out.
I bet they are using a forced air dryer that's blowing the water out of the hair at a very fast rate. That way their hands are free to brush the hair straight. Wonder if they are using some kind of coat care after the bath to make it easier to dry straight?
I also think it has to do w/ the power of the dryer. It allows them to dry the dog quicker before the coat starts to air dry. If you can't get a better dryer now, try using a spray bottle to rewet the coat before you start brushing drying a particular area.
I've never had a poodle before Pedey (who I've only had for a little over 2 months). His fur amazes me. The curls and the different densities are so cool.
He came back looking so spiffy from the groomer and curled right back up from the humidity and wet grass the next morning. I was so dissapointed.

He also got so much curlier after I bathed him myself. I found if I brush him while he's drying his fur is much straighter and stays easier to comb out.

I'm really having fun grooming him. I have two sons and no daughters....I think I missed out combing hair and primping. Poor Pedey, wait until I get the bows out!:beauty:
Thanks everyone, I was wondering if it was the dryer. We do brush as we dry but of course that is why they are the experts. She just looks so much more scrumptious and fluffy after the professionals do it.
It's definitely the force dryer, got an Air Commander 3. Noisy but make them nice and fluffy! Want to get a standing dryer next.
Ya I was gonna say the same thing....its a forced air dryer they're using. I recently bought (well hubby bought me) a edemco dryer. That thing kicks butt! Its true when they say it will blow a small dog off a grooming table if not careful. Luckily, Eli is a standard but he's not a fan of the heavy air flow this thing puts out.

Another dryer I really like is the Double K 2000 I think it is (it has two motors). It runs like $250.00 from king wholesale and puts out almost the same air flow as my edemco that was $400.00. I just liked the housing better on the edemco and the warantee. But if I got a second dryer for traveling I would get the double k. I was impressed how light weight it is and it will blow a poodle in show coat straight.

The forced air dryer's are well worth the investment if you get a good one.
A blaster is the answer to straight hair but also the hair must be totally dry from skin to tips. The secret is to dry a small section at a time - thoroughly.
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