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Having any puppy can be pure miserable.

They are so cute so that we will hang with them most of the time and yet....some people do say "no thanks. Can't take more."

I have never had an easy poodle puppy. They all have brought their own challenges.

Star is a big challenge to deal with since she inhales things even when I have puppy proofed a room, she will find something to gobble up that isn't meant to be gobbled....while I am watching her....lol.

I also have problems with Star and my other dog Wolfie (a toy sized maltese) playing more than I want and it interferring with training. They have to get my permission to play these days (took quite a while to get this across to them!). I potty them seperately or Star will pounce on Wolfie and distract him from his job of going potty.

I hope Saleen gets it all internalized very soon and life is easier for you all soon too!

I call the first many months "puppy hell"
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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