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Oh My Goodness, she is a brat

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And I say that with love and affection. It's been so long since I had a puppy I have forgotten that they are brats lol. Ruby Roo is horrible for chewing kids toys despite the fact that she has loads of chew toys of her own that she can destroy. Kids are learning to pick up toys but often bot quick enough, than 1 of teh kids (usually my own) will chase her to get the toy which she then thinks is a HUGE game so they run after each other, until one of them tires out...I have told the kids to NOT chase her becuase then it becomes fun for her. My own kid is the worst, probably because she is always the one leaving her toys everywhere.

She was doing so great with housetraining and I was pretty sure that she was close, but she has peed on the floor 3x since Saturday evening, not a big puddle not even a huge deal, but she did so well before what happened?

She has only been here 2 weeks (tomorrow) so considering that she HAS done very well. She will only sleep if she has a warm body to lean against but sleeps so deep that you can walk away when she is asleep. She HATES her kennel and still cries all night long in it, but until she is reliable with not going in the house, she must stay in it when I cannot watch her. It's been that way every night since she came, and nobody acknowledges her yelps and cries while she is in there, nor do we ever remove her until she quiets down, but yet she still cries and carries on ALL.NIGHT.LONG. No exaggeration. If I coudl trust her NOT to mess on my bed, I would take her to bed with me in an nano second.

She has made friends with Aunts, 7.5 week old golden and the 2 of them can play and rough house for a good while, then she comes home and crashes for ages. She was caught by their cat and wasn't impressed when Kitty gave her a swat nails and all, she let her feelings be known by some very loud yelling and rolling around on teh floor, I thought she was really badly hurt, but no she is a drama queen.

All things considered she is a great girl and I wouldn't trade her for anything, some of the puppy behaviours I would but not her.
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Sounds like she is doing very well with her toilet training and the little accidents here and there are to be expected. Try and watch for any tell tell signs like my little one used to begin really sniffing and then circle a little and at that point i would take him straight to the garden and he would relieve himself. With the kennel try giving her something like a stuffed kong when you leave her as the may help keep her mind occupied and more likely to forget she has been left. Also put her in it for short periods during the day even when your at home, so she doesnt always associate the kennel with you leaving her for a long period at night. Initally just take her in and out make no fuss either way, then when she starts to calm a little and you cannot hear her cry take her out and make a massive fuss of her! I have not suffered this problem personally but do no someone who did and this helped them a great deal :) Also i feel a dog is better not sleeping in the bedroom but this is just a personal opinion as i know many people do this and have no problem with it. I do however hear your problem of taking toys they shouldnt even though they have plenty of their own! All i can say is what we did with my mini which was ignore him, take off what he shouldnt have and walk away they soon get bored. I hope this is of some help and wish you all the best of luck :) x
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