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We returned from a trip to town one day & Mr. Layne had gotten sick in his crate. Got him outside, let him finish emptying out. Poor boy had an upset tummy. But it was off to the bath. He is an angel in the bath tub. His breeder did such a good job teaching him about the bath & the groom table. You could tell he was miserable & didn't like being stinky & dirty. No problem to give him the bath except my back said, "Lady... you gotta get a better mouse trap". My darling husband decided to treat me to an early birthday present & it came today... a Booster Bath.

We'd seen this product for the first time at my pup's breeder's house. I thought, you know, maybe some day I'd get one but I've always sat in the tub/shower with my dogs & bathed them but as time marches on it's not as easy as it used to be. Cleaner dogs in our future... whoo hoo!

I'm so excited. I know it's not a fancy one but it's all mine. I can use it outside or I can take it into the bathroom & use my hose from the shower & put the drain hose in the tub. Yippee..yippee… no more broken back feeling when I bath my babies. I also think I can do a better job on the under carriage, feet, & legs because I can be more meticulous. If you here happy noises... it's just me bubbling over at my early birthday present.


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