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Offa (someone move this please I made a boo boo)

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So I found a breeder close (in my city) by that is willing to guild me through the showing process, clipping ect.

She didn't have her dog's registered names on her website(very very basic website) so when I went to visit her and her dogs I wrote down her dogs names (she only has two adult dogs and two show prospect puppies) when I got home I went straight to the OFFA website and her dogs are NOT listed! When I asked her why she said she just never submitted the paperwork for it to go on the website, she said if she could find all the paperwork I could see the original copies... Is this true? do breeders have to submit paperwork and pay fees?

My mind is telling me to run but my heart is telling me to find out more, This woman is warm and seems genuine and is everything besides this issue to the T that I am looking for!
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I'm pretty sure the breeder has to request the result be posted online, I don't know if they have to pay for it or not. Yes, they should be review by the OFA, not just any vet. Even if she didn't have the results listed online, she should be willing to show them to you. I don't know what to think about theh "if she can find them part."
Agreed. I don't think they have to pay, but I do think they have to tick the box saying they want to have them listed publicly.

I wouldn't fully give up on the breeder yet if you feel she might be the one! She may just be disorganised. But definitely make sure she produces all health certification before going any further with her. :)
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