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Off to the vet!

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Atticus is going in to get a check up and an xray of his leg. I hope everything is healing well! I'll keep you guys posted, wish us luck!
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good luck little man! (and to his mommy, hope all goes well for him)
Thanks guys!
We got him xrayed and the break is almost completely healed, but he needs to wear it another 3-4 weeks. They are amazed at how well and quickly it has healed. He got a new dark green cast for St. Patricks day and they had to reinforce the bottom of it since he runs around on it so much and it was starting to wear through, haha. But hes doing great, I have some videos to post if photobucket will ever let me download them. I've been trying all day, and it keeps saying error on page, its driving me crazy! haha
So glad to hear you cute little guy is on the mend! :)
Michelle, So glad is he doing better, must be al the love and caring he has gotten from his mommy!:) Hopefully the 4 weeks will go by fast.
Glad to hear he is healing so well and so fast.
Way to go Atticus! And way to go Michelle for being such a good puppy mom and making sure he makes a full recovery. :)
VERY glad to hear he is healing well! keep up the good work guys :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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