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I'm looking for obedience book recommendations. I'm really interested in more of the competition type obedience. I mentioned in another post that Harley's very trainable and loves to learn. I would love to take him to a class, but he doesn't like the car at all, so driving an hour away, every week doesn't seem like a possibility. He's gotten a lot of the basic stuff down: heel, sit, down, come, leave it, no, bring me your toy, etc. We are working on bringing a specific toy out of the pile and making good progress. I would like to know more about the competition level stuff and how it's really supposed to be done.
Teddy has gotten down his particular toy from the pile really well. He knows the individual names of his toys from his "Lunny" which is a lion with bunny ears from Easter, his "gas mask" which was a toy that he's had since we got him the he's torn apart (haha) and even which ball we want. He's not good with Heel but he's good for most of the other basics. I looked online at the youtube videos, there's some good stuff on there......good luck
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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