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now where do I sit?

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I think these poodles just let me live here with them! lol


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I think

you're gonna have to sit on the floor!
You should see my couches...LOL! In our living room we have 1 sectional couch, 1 recliner, 1 swivel chair, and a rocker and you find dogs in the seats and on the tops of them all!

If they are in "my" seat I just start to sit down and say..."Watch my fanny now, here it comes..." and they get up! They will lay there with one eye open like "Are you really going to take my spot?"

It looks like your guys are the same way..."uhh do I need to move, because I really don't want to!"

When we have people come over they just look at us like umm where do I sit? We always tell them to pick a spot and then start to sit down, they'll move...they always do! Sometimes they are slow about it and you get a dirty look from them, but they'll move! LOL

I would tell you to buy more dog beds...but we have over 10 of them and they would rather use us or the furniture to lay on...so take it from me that more beds don't help! LOL

Unless you get one for you...they make some nice dog couches these days!:bootyshake:
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You didn't purchase those just for the poodles ?? I'm confused :p LoL

Jazz has a habit of taking over the couch, we just have to shove her over and she gives us the most offended look lol.
ginger gives a littkle growl but moves lol - 'the girls' as we call the minis are on susie's lap as soom as she sits. if there is no place on a chair, teddy will pacw around looking at each one with a puzzled look! lol
you mean the double chair? yes that is lazy boy - ruined by the minis digging lol
So digging is a poodle thing? Shamus does it and none of the other dogs do. I was wondering about that!
the minis do it - don't know what they are digging for in a chair! lol
Yes digging is most definitely a poodle thing!

DIGGA DIG DIG CIRCLE DIGGA DIGGA DIG DIG CIRCLE DIGGA DIG DIG CIRCLE DIG DIG (REPEAT X 5) or until you get yelled at for digging, then....


Sounds like the normal routine around my house....either before they lay down to nap or lay down to chew on a toy...same thing every time.
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