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Wow time is flying . It seems like yesterday that I was welcoming Nova into the world.


This past month Nova has finshed her crate game class and gone into her first 6-12month UKC classes. She placed 3 and 4 th in a companion group of 8 so I was thrilled about that. The next show she bomb it by trying to walk herself on the leash and greeting the judge in lineup like she was her long lost friend. ??‍♀?. We have our next show in a few weeks so I need to practice a ton so hopefully we won’t have a repeat. Crossing fingers she finishes getting her UKC Ch at the next show so we can work for Grand Ch which will take much longer.

Our next class is in March trick and maybe CGC. So we could test for both of those titles after.




Happy to report that her retained canines fell out after giving her a weekend of raw bones.The dentist quoted me $98 for consulting and $1300-1500 for pulling so
I was thrilled. Unfortunately they did effect the growth of her bottom teeth making one canine grow more upwards into the gum because it was blocked by the upper. I’ve been pushing on that daily hoping that with her growing it will go back into the correct position. It has moved some so I will give it longer before going to the dentist.
Growing wise she has gone from
Day 1
4 weeks 2.31lb
7 weeks 3.55lbs
8 weeks 8.5in 4.30 lbs
11weeks 5.02lbs
12 weeks 10 inches
20 weeks 12 in 7.4lbs
5 months 12 inches 8lbs
6 months 12.5 inches 9lbs
7 months 13 inches and 9.4lbs

So she is growing. I am hoping she stops before she catches up with her mom who is 16 in. The small bone on the front of her leg is still raised up so she definitely will grow a bit more. I like the size she is now but more than likely she will at least make 14inch if not more. Her body is very square and compact ..it’s hard to visualize her growing as long and tall as Sandy but who knows....
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