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Nothing like a kid and his poodle

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So, I'm teaching my oldest some leash techniques for holding onto Captain, since he's getting big enough to handle the dogs (well Captain, at least), and since Captain is so amazing on the leash as it is, I figured they'd be the perfect pair. Shortly after Nick mastered holding onto the leash, the two of them were off running around our cul-du-sac it was so cute, and I wish I had had the camcorder out with us! They are certainly the perfect pair, even though Captain did get away from him at one point and headed straight home.
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Kids and dogs are a wonderful combination. How old is your son? It so wonderful when you get to see them heading out like that. The kids are so proud of themselves.

When our oldest got to be old enough to be able to go out for a walk on his own we used to send him out for a walk with Sport. He was so good on a leash. I felt better about letting him go knowing that Sport was there to take care of him.
He's 4.5 (today!), so I let them stay on our little cul-du-sac, because they aren't ready for the open road, just yet. ;)
Yes my son was def. older when he started out on his own. With our younger 2 we have often attached a second leash to let them "help" walk a dog. (This worked really well for me for a while as they were happy to help holding a leash when they didn't always want to hold a hand)

Or we let them walk the dogs in the driveway (we have a fairly long one) or front lawn (While we watched) Its fun to see their expression. They are sure they are really doing it.
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