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Not a puppy anymore..

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Gosh I can't believe we've had Saleen for a year now. This time last year she had was just graduating puppy kindergarden. Now she's a big girl and all that training is kind of out the window. Haha. Oh well, I'll get more time eventaully and can work with her more. She tries to be a good girl... but sometimes a spoo's just GOT to counter surf or chase a cat I guess lol. For now she enjoys her almost daily two mile walks at the park where she can stare at ducks and geese. She learned the other day that geese don't mess around though ROFL, so she'll be looking and not touching in the future.

Some reccent pics of my silver Saleen. (sorry if these are big, I can't seem to get photobucket to work for me tonight to resize them right.)

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And a couple of No, NO! BAD DOG!! moments. Poor Beanie, she can't understand why she can't just kiss kiss kiss all the time and Nicholas is not amused. Never fails too that he'll be content or even better napping in the swing for a moment and she'll run over and give him a good slobber :doh: Peeves him off every time and viola THAT'S how we get a grouchy baby lol

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I am so happy to see that all worked just great with your spoos and a new baby :) !!! Great photos : )))) !!!!!

Nicholas look so tiny but content :)
Why are they so cute when they are naughty? That is seriously adorable and Saleen does look very grown up.
Saleen is so cute! Wow, they grow so quickly, I guess a year from now I will be wondering where my little puppy went!
Awwww, Saleen all grown into a big girl! It is so hard to believe how fast they seem to grow! She is great looking! And your son is ADORABLY HANDSOME!! That pic of Saleen slapping a nice wet one on him is too adorable! I know she was naughty, but I'd rather see a dog do that then nip or growl... much better "problem" to have....lol.

Thanks for sharing! :)
Thats true, much better than nipping or growling. We have had a couple of almost nips but i figured out she was nipping at his fuzzy blanket.
oh your two babies are beautiful - its wonderful that she loves the baby - I havent seen Saleen in a long time and it still amazes me how they change color - her silver is beautiful!
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