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My dog hates wearing a harness for nose work, she just hates harnesses in general. Although she’s happy in her sleepypod travel harness which I leave on her when we go shopping or to the park.

I have the Brilliant K9. She wore it for agility class for awhile including when I had her in a modified continental and I didn’t notice any mats developing. She only wore it once a week for class.

If you do buy the Brilliant K9, do not buy the quick release buckle. Babykins learned how to release it herself, took her seconds to release. She did it the first time I put the harness on her. She left it on in class, but she sure was quick to help me remove it after class.

I will look at the other suggestions because Babykins is the kind of dog that races from the starting gate to the first hidden scent and I don’t like pulling on her collar.
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