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Nor'easter gives Tessa Snowballs

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I know there has been a ton of posts about snowballs on dogs legs after being outside, and I did review a bunch of them. But I didn't find any that seemed to fit my situation. I'm in Pennsylvania and as a lot of you know, we're getting one blizzard after another. We have two feet of snow right now and tomorrow are getting another 1-2 feet.
I'm big into taking Tessa hiking in the snow, and she seems to love it, UNTIL she has snowballs so caked onto here that she is no longer black, but a purely white poodle. She isnt on a leash a lot of the time so she is doing leaps and bounds creating her own path and disappearing into the snow.
Can snow balls do any physical harm to her? Does anyone have suggestions? I'll post some fun winter pics after this upcoming blizzard! :smow:
Oh, and Tessa's hair isnt very long on her legs and I most definitely wouldnt want to make her hair any shorter.

Thanks so much everyone!
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What about longjons? Seriously. Cut a few holes for her tail etc in a set of longjons or streatch pants and a clingy shirt and have her wear them. Since she is a smaller spoo it should be easier and cheaper to find her size. Try a second had store. You can keep the clothes on by using safty pins (not the safest) to attach the pants to the shirt or a clip of some sort. If you are more crafty than I am you could always sew on valcro or snaps. Make sure the neck hole is rather small or her front legs can get cought up in it.

I had to have my old spoo wear people clothes when I had him in a really long clip. He ignored the clothes and it was never a problem. Just don't leave her alone while wearing the clothes because they can get cought on stuff. There are several dog stores online who custome make union suits for dogs as well which fit better and are less silly looking. My neighbor's hairless guy had several. Your spoo WILL look silly wearing people clothes, but it works.
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