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Teddy, 3 yr old male Ginger 3yrs old female both standards

Teddy is alway trying to get Ginger to play and he will go behind her and nip her rear legs. He tries it on the minis and they snap at him and yell at him and sometimes Ginger does too. Does anyone know why he does this and should I be correcting him - I try to keep him from doing it - he tries to do it to my daughter's 21 month old grandaughter too.
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Well, I think you've explained the "why" -- he's trying to get them to play. But that sounds like behavior that you should nip in the bud. (Sorry for the bad joke -- couldn't resist). You especially don't want the dog to be nipping at children. It's one thing if dogs nip other dogs when they are already playing, but it sounds like he's nipping before the other side has agreed to play, which seems like a no-no to me.
Moose nips at rusty when he wants to play but he doesn't do it to humans or stranger dogs. I correct him if he does it TOO MUCH.
Teddy is really getting on my nerves - no matter how many times i correct him he either doesn't learn or doesn't want to. lately he gets so rought with ginger that it sound like a fight and i have to break them up. she wo't run and play with him outsides like she used to because he rammed her and she got hurt. I got him as a playmate for her and now he has become a problem. he bothers the minis too. If I put my hand or point my finger at him when I am correcting him he comes and trys to see if I have something to eat for him or he licks and nibbles my fingers. He is such a puppy!!!! Help!
Give him an appropriate outlet for his energy. Walk him more, play ball, obedience work, really anything to get some energy out. A tired poodle is a good poodle! He also could just be bored and need more mental stimulation. This could be something as simple as hiding treats and have him find them. Just some thoughts. Good luck.
I think you are right - he needs more exercise than her it seems - he has ahard time settling down. I hope to get a tread mill. Has anyone ever used it with their dogs?
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