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A little adolescent sleep regression is normal, but this seems excessive.

First, I hear Peggy drink multiple times throughout the night. I would recommend never restricting water. That alone can make a dog restless. I suggest mounting a water bowl inside the crate so it doesn't interfere with floor space.

It's also helpful to provide a small snack before bed, as an acidic stomach can cause both restlessness and digestive woes such as morning vomiting.

Does she pee and/or poop every time she gets you up?

If not, you've simply taught your puppy that you come when she calls at night, so this will take a little effort to correct. She just needs to learn your expectations. Once she does, you can hopefully be confident she'll only bark when it's urgent and respond accordingly.

Does she get up at the same time(s) each night?

If so, set an alarm for a little earlier and preemptively take her out for potty. And then slowly push that time later and later until she's sleeping through the night. I personally wouldn't expect her to quit those nighttime outings cold turkey.

Other things you can do:

-Ensure her crate is big enough for her to fully stretch out. Otherwise she will have a restless sleep and be anxious to stretch her legs.

-Cover her crate with a black, lightweight blanket, open only on the wall side for air flow. Reducing light and stimuli promotes deep sleep.

-Make sure she's getting adequate physical and mental exercise during the day...but not too much. You want her relaxed, not over-adrenalized.

-Does she sleep in your room? If not, consider moving her crate. Being near you might be enough to soothe her back to sleep.
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