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Hello, I have been lurking and reading posts (and looking at pics :) ) for a few weeks now so thought I should really introduce myself.

I am not a poodle owner :( . I love everything I have read about the breed and the one's I have met have all been great dogs. I have vowed that my next dog will be a poodle, probably a mini.

I have 2 dogs, a 13 month old rottie and a 2 1/2 year old mutt. Unfortunately I have a self imposed 2 dog rule so no poodle for me for a long time. I grew up with rotts and love the breed but i am so drawn to poodles. So I hope to learn lots more about them from you who actually own them.

My 3 year old daughter has also fallen in love with them, she has a pink poodle soft toy which she loves and has decided she wants a poodle, a pink one! Just to stress, this would NOT be the reason for getting one, I have admired them for a long time (and it wouldn't be pink).
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Welcome! Such a cute story of your daughter. Yes, poodles have a way of drawing peope in to them. (Don't tell your daughter) but, I have seen pink and blue poodles. White ones that were dyed for speacial occassions like Easter!
Thanks for the welcomes. Thankfully my daughter can't yet read as I have told her you can't really get pink ones (although I have seen some pics on google).

I will add some pictures of my 2 current dogs in the 'other' section.
Welcome. Yep I lurk around an afghan thread just to see the pics. Speaking of which where is IPP? I haven't seen her for ages!
welcome. I am new too and pretty much just lurk lol

I had a lime green stuffed poodle when I was little.

We had a black miniature for a family pet though too.

They are great dogs.
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