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newbie question about grooming 2 yo spoo

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my spoo is 2 and beautiful. he is a brown and white parti. his name is harley and he came to live with us with a mohawk. it was very cute and i liked it.

i have owned poodles before but they were minis and we didn't spend a lot of time on the grooming. we kept the mini bathed well and had her groomed about every 6-8 weeks. we liked the scruffy, curly look.

i've tried this with the spoo. however, when we got him (about 4 months ago) he had bad ear infections so we ended up shaving his ears while he was on meds so the infection would completely clear up (and it did...much happier dog now).

we got him groomed about 6 weeks after we got him and got the mohawk again (still very cute) but shaved ears and he lost his plume tail because we took him camping and it got all matted. (neither he nor i are good campers.)

however, when we got him home from grooming, he was miserable. running crazy all over the house licking at his legs and paws. he seemed traumatized. he's a pretty timid dog by nature. now he has a curly mohawk that's grown out some and he's a bit scruffy on the face.

i feel like i need to get him groomed soon, but he was so traumatized that i'm afraid to take him back. i went to an indepently owned groomer but don't think i want to go back there.

is he going to be ok being a curly dog or is this harmful to spoos? i don't brush him -- just keep him clean. i don't want him to end up with painful mats.

also, how do i find a good local groomer? i know of one about 40 minutes from me but that seems a long distance. we have several chain stores but i'm afraid of them, too. i don't know of any other spoo people to ask for recommendations in my area.

thanks in advance for your help.


no idea how to post pics or i would do that.
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Well the unfortunate thing about having a spoo is that they are very high maintainance dogs! When the coat grows out you really have to brush/comb it to avoid those matts..

But spoos have so many good qualities that make the grooming requirements not such a bad thing! They really are good dogs and with patience and practice can be very easy dogs to groom. Mine just lay over on their side for brushing and I usually brush them while watching TV at night or something like that. It's very relaxing for them and relaxing for me as well.

There is nothing wrong with keeping the poodle curly instead of having the dog fluff dried to straighten the hairs out but it does get tangled more easily or so it seems to me.

You could choose to have the dog shaved down all over top knot, ears, tail, etc... I don't see anything wrong with doing that if you want an easier coat to maintain. Also, I personally thing poodles are adorable shaved. I believe Todd shaves down his spoo Moose really short and it looks adorable.

I shaved my younger spoo down awhile back with a 4 blade all over including his ears and tail, topknot, took it all off to grow out his adult coat and I thought he was super cute as well.

Other than that though there isn't a way to get out of brushing the dog. If you can afford it and want to maintain the poodle coat find a groomer you trust and ask about getting set up on a schedule. I like to have all my regular clients on a 4-6 week schedule depending on the dogs coat and how often they need grooming to keep it well maintained.

Some of my regular clients even come to me in between grooms and just ask for a brush out and I only charge $11 as long as the coat isnt matted and just needs a good brushing and it takes some time but id rather they do that then come to me with a matted dog that has to be shaved.

Good luck!

Also, always ask for a groomers references and be sure to call them. There are so many bad groomers in the industry and good, reliable groomers will be HAPPY to turn over there references. I know i'm proud of the customers I have that trust me with their dogs completely and don't mind one bit if a new customer wants to check up on me.

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Here are some different poodles shaved down. I LOVE the first one although I think its a 10 blade all over, not sure i'd go that short with mine but it's actually cute. Maybe the guy feels he actually has a manly dog without the fluff, lol.


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