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Newbie from SF needs (silver toy) breeder recommendations

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a toy silver boy. Any breeder recommendation? I have trouble finding a reputable breeder with silver toy. (It seems like there are quite a number of silver mini/standard breeders.) I'm willing to travel to meet the puppy and the breeder.

My husband and I just moved here from Champaign IL last summer. So later I will need some recommendations for a vet and groomer, oh and trainer, in SF too.

Thanks a lot.
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Welcome to the forum neighbor. :wave:

Even though I am from S.F., I don't know of any reputable toy silver breeders off the top of my head. But, here are a few links to poodle club of america and a couple of local poodle clubs to get you started.

Affiliate Clubs, PCA Member Breeders and Poodle Rescue Contacts

Mission Trail Poodle Club, Northern California (Bay Area)

Poodle Club of Central California

I would also recommend that you check out a local show and meet some toy poodle breeders. That's also a good place to start. Have you spoken with anyone yet?
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Thanks for the links. I will definitely check those out.

I have talked to some breeders that have mini silver. I think I will still look around for a toy first.

There's this one litter of mini silver with a 10-yr-old sire. Everything else looks good. I'm just not so sure about a relatively old father.

Feel free to let me know what you think.
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