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Newbie from Maine!

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Helllo all! I was looking for a poodle forum (for my newest additions) to talk about how awesome these little guys are.

I have 4 dogs:
1. Kiba, will be 5 in July, female black Miniature Schnauzer
2. Stryder, 3 year old, male black Miniature Schnauzer
3. Tsuki, 5-month old, female silver Toy Poodle
4. Lincoln, 5-month old, male red Miniature Poodle

I have only had the poodles for about a month now, the schnauzers when they were each 7 weeks. I compete in agility with my dogs, and hopefully rally and flyball this year.

I'm including pics: Mind you they have not had any type of haircuts since I have had them, except bath, brush, and blowdry, but they are going in on Wednesday to get groomed.

And with my male Schnauzer,
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Thank you everyone! I love taking pictures, and I just love my Nikon D40.

Here are some pictures of the two schnauzers:


And Stryder and Lincoln playing keep-a-way

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