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New 🙂

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Hi! I've decided to join these forums because I've been interested in getting a poodle! I am new to poodles by the way
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Hi and Welcome! Ask away, use the search function, or just graze thru!
Hello, welcome to PF. Poodles are the most amazing dogs! Very intelligent and loving, and what characters they can be. Have fun reading about them and their antics! What size are you looking for!

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Hi and welcome. Do you know what size poodle you want? People here an help you in your search if you need assistance.

There’s a very informative stickie post on how to buy a puppy. I’d read that as well as older posts here about buying a puppy as part of your research.
Hi and welcome to PF!
Are you thinking of getting a poodle?
Welcome to PF! Buck is my first poodle and I wouldn’t consider any other breed. You can downsize, supersize and select from a rainbow of colors. They are clever, athletic, don’t shed or smell (unless they’ve rolled in something) and if you are not showing in conformation, you can groom them anyway you like. You will not regret getting a poodle:)
Poodles are the best. Glad you could join us on the forum. This is a great community. If you have questions, ask away or just browse the subforums.
The only other dog breed I would consider is GSD (we have one of them too), but poodles are my dog heart and soul. They are all of the wonderful things others have already said, but remember they are really wildly smart and left to their own devices are evil little (or not so little) geniuses, so be prepared to give your poodle (when you get one) a job, lots of training and good brain games.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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