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New UKC Ch. Ferrari's California Red

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I guess I don't understand UKC's point system but Enzo is now a UKC champion. We just got his CH certificate in the mail !

Still working on AKC but I know we can do it :D
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Bindi's getting close to completing her UKC championship, we'll be working on AKC next too.
Congrats!!!! Im so sorry I forgot to email you back about this. I totally forgot until I read it on here. Forgetfullness is a prego sympton for me. lol I swear it is though!

I told you UKC is soo easy to Champion. So easy, you didnt even know. lol Anyhow, glad he had his first title now.
Congrats to you and Enzo!!!! Best of luck with your AKC showing, won't be as easy, but I am sure you will love it just as much. Hope to see pics of that handsome boy in Continental Clip when he is in it!!!!
Congratulations to you and Enzo!! Best of luck in the AKC ring...it's definitely more challenging but so much fun. Waiting for new pics!
Congratulations to Enzo! It won't take long before you get your AKC title too.
I'm a tad late responding, but I wanted to congratulate you and Enzo!

I'm positive you worked so hard for it!
Due to my sporadic attendance I missed this as well.
So,belated congrats to both of you and Enzo.
Thanks everyone !

No problem Jenn I knew you got my email lol

I am about to send you another today !

As for new pictures check out picture section in a few mins

We have another AKC show August 31 ( I think) we wont be the only red there !!!! so this should be fun seeing more than 1 red at the show. Susan Osburne's dog Raquel will be there. We had the chance of seeing her at the long beach show last year.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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