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New to this site and new to poodles

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We recently had the opportunity to adopt a 2yo standard. I've admired standard poodles for years but never owned one. We dogsat her with the option of keeping her. Well, she is a poodle of course, so she quickly stole the hearts of the entire family.
My understanding is that she spent the first 18 months of her life outside in a kennel but you certainly wouldn't know it now.
She is a sweetheart with a few bad habits(we're working on it!) I'm sure I'll have lots of questions regarding grooming and perhaps a few about her vices as well. I am told the very first time she went to the groomers she was "one of the worst poodles we've seen." She was matted with infections in both ears. I haven't groomed her yet, except to brush her but she seems very tolerant of being handled.

She is a very good dog. We took her to Petsmart earlier this week and she behaved like a lady. She is 60 lbs. well-mannered enough even my 5yo can walk her. I'd post a pic but she is black and I've yet to get a good one.
Oh, her name is Winnie (the Poo) We didn't name her but now our kids sing the Winnie the Pooh theme song to her and she seems to enjoy it.
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