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Hello everyone! I am Carl and I got my first Standard Poodle last year. Her name is Violet, and already the best dog I’ve ever owned. I am a disabled vet, and about 5 years ago I began having allergic reactions to my dog. I gave him to my son. He recently passed(my former dog). I decided a couple of years ago to look for a dog to help with my sometimes severe PTSD. My therapist recommended a fairly large dog for this purpose. I started researching Spoos. I never thought I’d be a poodle owner, but the more I looked, the more I liked. Violet
was born April 5 of 2020, and came as the frustration of the pandemic was heightening.

She has been wonderful and I don’t think I’ll ever have another breed or mutt. I have truly been Blessed by this precious girl. She is training, and hopefully in another 6 months, she’ll be ready for her service dog certification. Thanks for having me!
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