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Hi all,

We are so excited!

We were fortunate to adopt a white miniature poodle nearly three years ago and Penny has added so much to our family. She's now a nearly 9 year old dog who does not act her age - full of energy and willing to play fetch for hours on end.

We just got confirmation yesterday that we are adding to our pack. On Saturday we'll go to the rescue's shelter and bring home a black 5 month old standard poodle named Spock!

We met Spock last saturday and he and Penny got along well and he cuddled up to all of the humans (me, my wife and our two teens).

He's a really sweet boy and we are counting the hours until he is ours.

We are new to both standard poodles and puppies as we've always adopted adults before, so I was glad to find all of the info and support here.

We're going to need it, I think!
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