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New to poodles in NJ

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Hello all, I'm a new Mini Poodle owner as of 09/18 and I'm in love with her.

Now, this breed is completely out of my comfort zone as I'm an American Pit Bull Terrier fancier, but so far I'm impressed. I never even liked fluffy dogs, until I worked in the grooming industry. I've been pet grooming for about year and poodles have grown on me, a lot. I've started getting interesting in doing poodle trims and luckily I've got a customer who loves me and lets me work on her standard puppy.

My pup didn't come from a nice breeder, or a pet store...my manager bought them from a guy in a parking lot selling 2 little flea and worm infested poodle puppies. They were 8-10 wks old and had never seen a vet, so she got them fixed up and well, I couldn't resist. I don't agree with her for giving the guy money and supporting this, but her heart was in the right place for these two. Supposedly the father was a phantom mini and the mother a silver mini, though I'm taking that with a grain of salt. So far, she looks all poodle though...I think.

Anyway, I've been lurking the forums for the past couple days and I liked it so much that I decided to join. If anyone has any tips or advice for me to start this girl off right I'll gladly listen.

Here are a few pictures of my girl, Swagger:

And then, she got shaved down with a 7 because little miss thing wanted to keep peeing in her kennel and laying in at 4am...She'll be growing in by the time she's housetrained lol.

And, I know he's not a poodle, but here's my APBT(aka my heart), Casey:
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you poodle Swagger is very cute and I love the picture with Casey. She looks like his little buddy. I'm glad to see more members from the East coast, i live also in NJ, but I'm still waiting for my poodle.

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Thanks everyone. Casey's doing well with her, considering he's been an only dog since I adopted him 5 years ago. He lets her know when enough is enough when she gets hyper, then I redirect her attention so she isn't annoying him.

I hope she turns out nicely, I would like to use her for grooming contests. Does anyone know what her color is called? Before I shaved her down, she looked like an uber diluted/chocolate & tan phantom. I'm sure her color will probably change again since she's so young, just curious.
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