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New Screen Name

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Hey, I just wanted to let y'all know that I changed my screen name. When I signed up I somehow missed that option : )

Chris Abbott
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Can you please tell me how you changed your screen name. I tried that when I first signed up but had no luck.
You can't.

I have to edit your account for you, there's no way to let users change their name as it's not a common occurrence and can cause serious problems for the forum and members (confusion).

I don't have a problem changing your name, but if everyone starts wanting it done gonna have to hold back :D and only change it for those that really need it changed (security reasons, etc.)

Also, if you get a name change please do a "New" introduction so we can know your NEW and OLD name :)

Thanks a bunch!

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This is a very old thread - about a year and 1/2 old... This user's name is no longer "new" and the user themselves have not logged on to the forum since early October 2009!!

As a favor to forum members, please try not to ressurect very old threads that may cause confusion... If you find an old thread with great training, grooming, breeding information and would like to add to it - that's wonderful... go for it... but if it's an old thread about user names, puppy pictures, etc... please try to refrain from responding on the thread...

When you add a new post to an old thread, the old thread "bumps" back up to the top of the newly responded to posts and it can get quite confusing.

Thanks for your help!
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